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Third International Educational Forum

يسر مركز تقويم وتعليم الطفل بالشراكة مع مؤسسة GTL الدولية للتدريب أن يدعوكم إلى الملتقى الدولي  الثالث للتعليم ضمن رؤية المركز واستراتيجيته في مجال التدريب للمعلمين والاختصاصيين وأول ياء الأمور في مجالات التعليم و التعلم و التطوير الوظيفي المستمر. ينظم المركز دورتين تدريبيتين تحت عنوان: 1. التعلم القائم على المشاريع (PBL) : النموذج الفنلندي (مع ترجمة فورية للغة العربية) 2. التعليم المتحورحول الطالب (SCA): استراتيجيات صفية ملموسة (مع […]

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The 9th Annual Global Education Conference

The 9th annual Global Education Conference is a collaborative, inclusive, world-wide community initiative involving students, educators, and organizations at all levels. Our activities are designed to significantly increase opportunities for connecting classrooms while supporting cultural awareness and recognition of diversity and educational access for all. For more information about the GEC and to access educational […]

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MidSchoolMath Regional Conference Live in Atlanta

2019 MidSchoolMath Regional Conference: Live In Atlanta “We know that we lose the interest in math of many of our students in the middle school grades. Creativity and Innovation is needed more than ever in schools today, including in math classrooms . Please join me at MidSchoolMath’s Regional Conference in Atlanta November 8-9 when I’ll share principles and inspiring, practical examples […]

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Curiosity Works for school Improvement and Innovation Tow Day Institue

KDSL Global and McRel International Present Curiosity Works for school Improvement and Innovation Tow Day Institue ♦ Learn about the five research-based levers for school improvement from McREL’s what Matters Most Framework: Curricular pathways to success; challenging, engaging, intentional instruction; Wholechild student supports; Data-driven, high-reliability systems; and High-performance school culture. ♦Lern about what makes a […]

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Teach to Lead Summit

An initiative of the ASCD Connected Community in the GCC, the Teach to lead Summit seeks to allow participating teachers, departement heads, principals, and supporting organizations to: ♦ Share ideas and best practices and learn from examples of existing teacher leadership efforts. ♦ Identify common challenges and create concerte, actionable teacher leadership plans to address […]

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Sen International Forum Kuwait 2019

Join us for the chance to attend and obtain an internationally recognized Teacher Training An in-depth knowledge and understanding of the SEN professional roles,responsibility, and current practice, including a critical awareness of current issues and developments in the subject and the profession. The ability to use range of techniques and research methods applicables to their […]

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