Financing, Aid & Grants

The purpose of this training is to get the participants to know more about all the financial support systems and professional grants.



Definition of main types of aid Subsidies
      ◊ cofinancing
      ◊ Tax deductibility
      ◊ Etc …
Presentation of the different local, national and European actors
Presentation of the main eligibility criteria

Part 1: Investment aids

Eligible companies
Investments concerned
Actors in charge of investment aid
The two main types of investment aid
Application forms

Part 2: training aids

Who is eligible?
Targeted training programs
The three main types of  aids towards training programs
Actors in charge of training aids
Application forms

Part 3: Miscellaneous aid

Municipal aid
European aid
Other  aid

Hand-on Training:

Completing an application for grants and subsidies.

Teaching methods:

Face-to-face training, limited to 12 participants per session.