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Choosing the adequate country as well as the most suitable university for studying abroad can be a challenging task. With so many higher education institutions, so many countries, and so many different courses on offer worldwide, making the right choice can be frustrating. This is mainly because such a choice will be one of the most important decisions a high school graduate will ever make.

GTL Training offers you an extensive choice of universities in the UK, USA, and Canada via presenting several foundation, undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate programs in over one hundred disciplines. We assist students through finding their education path by placing them in renowned universities and colleges across the world. Out team of dedicated academic counselors also offer useful tips and guidance that help students secure university admission with confidence and ease. Students using our admission services will also receive a comprehensive package of advice and assistance tailored to their particular needs and requirements.

GTL Training strives towards the promotion of international education with special emphasis on student counseling and consultancy services. Our objective is to secure a formal and authorized connection between international higher education institutions and students planning to study abroad. Our team of academic counselors endeavors to guarantee that students planning to study abroad are equipped with the required professional advice and information on the several requirements and procedures in a systematic manner in order to process their applications for admission.

GTL Training aims to provide a formal and authorized connection between the international higher education institutions and students planning to study abroad. Our primary goal is to ensure that students planning to study abroad are equipped with the required professional advice and information on the various requirements and procedures in a systematic manner.GTL Training is positioned as one of the most trustful and knowledgeable providers of student enrollment support and consultation to colleges and universities in the UK, USA, Canada, the European Union, and Australia presenting our clients with top quality services in terms of guidance, registration, admission, career advisors.

We have assisted hundreds of students in the GCC region, Africa, and Europe in joining their desired higher education institution in top universities around the world. Our main objective is to accompany students into securing an appropriate international opportunity.

GTL Training academic guidance team assists students in submitting the right documents, which is the first step towards ensuring that your student visa is granted. In the event one or more documents is not in the right order, your visa application may be rejected. In some cases, delay can also lead to cancellation of admission. Once you have finalized the choice of university and program of study, the student’s documents are carefully reviewed by our counselor. As part of the admission process, students are often required to draft and collate several documents such essays or personal statements. GTL Training admission counselors review the students’ work to help improve upon the content, grammar, tone and structure. This will ensure that the profile presented to the chosen institutions is professional and projects all that they need to know about the student in the best possible manner.

GTL Training Global Higher Education Network

GTL Training has a widespread global network of higher education institutions that offer hundreds of programs ranging from undergraduate degrees to PhDs. We offer our students valuable information about life and study in different countries through individual and group counseling to students and their parents. We provide such information on courses and institutions that would best match our students’ personal, academic, and financial abilities.GTL Training goes beyond securing admission to our students. We provide our students and their parents with a personal follow-up of up to six months after admission. This service offers peace of mind to our students as well as their parents as we strive to prevent unpleasant surprises and we resolve unforeseen difficulties.

GTL Training advisors provide students with the following services:

  One-on-one personal advising
  Guidance on selection of universities, testing, scholarships and application process
  Pre-departure orientation workshops
  Scheduling visits for colleges and universities
  Updates on education fairs around the world
  Scholarship Information