Course Summary

Computers have invaded our daily lives and we do not count everything we can do with it. However, for a beginner, using a computer is not so easy as you think. Fortunately, these machines are now relatively easy to use. There is no need to enter lines of code as before. You need to know the following points:

Constitution and manipulation of the computer
Creating and organizing files and folders
Internet search and email creation
Management of emails, files and documents
Download, install and uninstall programs
Security and privacy

Constitution & manipulation of the computer:

The various types of devices
Building a computer
Properties & characteristics of components
External storage media
How the mouse works
Keyboard operation

Creation and organization of files and folders:

Operating systems
The evolution of Windows
User account
Windows 10 Home Page
Search an application
Windows desktop
Windows Explorer

Office Suites:

Text processing
Enter a text
Saving a file
Delete a folder
Copy / Cut – Paste
Recover what is deleted

Search on the internet and create e-mail:

Internet browsers
Search engines
Creating an e-mail
Send / Reply / Forward an e-mail
Send an attachment

Programs, security and privacy:

Install a program
Uninstall a program
Surtaxed trap