Key Performance Indicators

Training Description

Trainees will:

Explore the principles and concepts of institutional strategic planning and performance.
Assess the contexts in which institutional performance expectations are set and the selection of key performance indicators is conducted.
Examine appropriate institutional planning and performance target-setting processes.
Understand the role of key performance indicators and targets in institutional strategy.
Examine the relationships between strategic and annual planning and performance indicators.
Create and evaluate an appropriate set of key performance indicators for your organisation.

Learning Outcomes: 

On successful completion of this workshop, the learner will be able to:

Describe the process of strategic and performance planning.
Explain the roles and responsibilities required to develop and deliver on institutional performance and key performance indicator targets.
Establish strategic priorities.
Develop a sample set of key performance indicators for the academic strategy of your organisation.
Identify key performance targets.
Establish processes for reviewing and monitoring key performance indicators.


Training Agenda

Day 1:

  1. Academic strategic Context
  2. Institutional Planning and Performance Monitoring
  3. Definitions
  4. Roles and responsibilities
  5. Stakeholder engagement
  6. Environmental scan
  7. Goal setting
  8. Strategic priority actions
  9. Identification of targets

Day 2:

  1. Taking action: development of appropriate academic KPIs
  2. Academic profile
  3. Teaching and Learning
  4. Student Experience
  5. Research and Knowledge Transfer
  6. External Engagement and Contribution to Society
  7. Aligning KPIs
  8. Reporting, monitoring and reviewing of KPIs