After-school Support: What is it?

Despite the effort your child provides, his grades stagnate. This situation has become very common among our children. After-school support is a personalized support that aims to help learners be better organized, better prepared, and more efficient. The main objective of school support is therefore to instill motivation and energy in the student by learning the techniques necessary for acquiring knowledge.

GTL Training welcomes students with academic, social, cultural or comprehension difficulties, sometimes due to imperfect fluency in the French/German language (including by parents). GTL Training offers pedagogical, educational and cultural work of support and accompaniment to schooling. In fact, a student in academic distress often feels neglected by his environment. Our tutoring helps these children regain self-confidence and control their stress level through a tailored learning to their personalized needs, so they can excel and demonstrate their true potential. GTL Training aims to get students to become invested and aware of their abilities.

School Support : How Does it Work ?

There is one basic rule related to learning: It must rebecome a pleasure in order to achieve better academic results. Academic support will not be limited to transmitting knowledge in a given subject, nor to gain interest in the content of the courses, but it is more particularly to build and shape the personality of the student.
To do this, instructors will have to find the learning methods/styles that best suit the learner. This will also help the child overcome the various obstacles, namely:
Is pedagogy well adapted to the student’s methods of assimilation?
What are the topics and practices that distress him/her?
Does the student have time management problems?
The instructor will give the student valuable tips to help the student regain confidence. To do this, he will implement different methods of learning, for example playful exercises that teach the student to concentrate better to better accumulate knowledge.


School support is more suitable for students between 8 and 20 years old. However, it may also apply to children who are already taking private lessons and who need a little help. Support can also be helpful to hyperactive or unresponsive children.


Duration of School Support Sessions:

Our coaches accompany the learner during regular face-to-face sessions 90-120 minutes twice/thrice a week in addition to extra support by email. School support can also be planned in courses that take place in small groups of 3 to 10 children for about 12 hours per month.

GTL Training offers additional training modules such as:

  • motivation modules at the rate of 2 sessions throughout the school year.
  • Modules of stress management / self-confidence for 5 sessions spaced twice a month.


GTL Training also offers school success packages for elementary school children, high school students and higher education students.

Faced with growing demand, we offer tailored and personalized services at extremely competitive prices that significantly increase the potential of each student.

GTL Learning porposes the following services:

Tailored Support
Remedial Sessions
One to One/Group tutoring
Exam Preparations
Personalized coaching
Language Training
Notetaking Skills
Assessment Strategies
Bibliographic Research
Summaries & Syntheses
Mock Tests
Understanding problems and developing solutions

Our School Support Programs allow students:

to benefit from individual support for each participant.
to tackle several subjects a week according to the learners’ needs.
to benefit from several pedagogical approaches according to the preferred learning style of the learner.
increased methodological monitoring through regular progress reports.
increase student motivation through usability and emulation.

GTL Training offers several after-school support modules:

Weekly Support Training Module:

This module allows your child to overcome his/her weakness in one or more subjects through 2 to 4 hours per week over a semester or a school year depending on the needs of the learner. The weekly support trainings thus make it possible to fill the gaps and to better consolidate the achievements of the subjects concerned. Under this training module, GTL Training instructors provide parents with monthly progress reports that not only showcase improvement achieved but also orient parents and guide them, so they accompany their children in a more efficient manner.

Holidays and Pre-back to School Training Modules:

This module allows your child to refresh his/her knowledge in main subjects such as mathematics, science, and languages. This training module may be the appropriate formula for students who have linguistic shortcomings in the lingua franca of their studies. Many children do not master the lingua franca of their studies such as French, German or English, which causes a lack of acquisition in mathematics, sciences and other subjects delivered in this language.

GTL Training offers the linguistic help these students need, enabling them to showcase their true potential across school subjects.


Methodological Training Module:

This training module aims to teach students to be well prepared for their studies, to be always ready to face educational challenges. It is not easy to move from elementary school to college or from high school to high school. It is a significant psychological burden for a child or teenager in full personal construction in an uncertain social environment full of surprises. GTL Training offers training targeting child-specific work methodologies and the characteristics of each period of their academic evolution. Every child is unique and must think about their school environment according to their personality and their ability to implement a device leading to their academic success.

Socio-Academic & Cultural Training Module:

It has been proven that the lack of integration and lack of moderate cultural education place students in risky situations. A frustrated student who fails to learn in his school, and who has no form of socio-academic and cultural integration will fall prey to failure.

GTL Training has set up a socio-academic and cultural training to ensure that the student is happy and ready to learn. At GTL Training, we take care of the development of the student as a whole; therefore we aim for his/her emotional, physical and intellectual well-being. To achieve this, the compensation for the cultural divergence between home and school must start from the nursery classes so that the child feels comfortable and ready to use his or her potential to acquire the different skills. Once reassured in his/her environment, the child will approach Western culture gradually in parallel with the advancement of his/her academic process.


Socio-academic integration is essential for the child to secure an equal opportunity learning because it fosters educational equity. At GTL Training, we aim to provide a gentle and thoughtful integration through which the child will feel able to evolve. This integration is never forced; it stems from a constant negotiation between several aspects of the student’s academic experience. It is defined as the interactions and the adequacy that the student maintains with the academic and social system of the school, both inside and outside the classroom.

Our training is committed to getting our students to the mastery of the basic skills, which will enable them to successfully follow their school path and achieve an active place in economic, social and cultural life.

GTL Training collaborates with integration specialists who put in place practical and feasible action plans that make students ready to contribute to the development of Luxembourgian society. These specialists work hand in hand with our educational body to make our students feel confident and motivated.