Strategic Planning

Our Strategic Planning training programme provides a practical approach to understanding strategic thinking. Strategic planning is a fundamental business management skill: it involves creating a vision for a brighter future and transforming it into a feasible strategic plan. It is also a creative and exciting process that enables you to exceed the limitations of current thinking and opens up wide possibilities for the future.

This strategic planning adopts a process from synchronizing a vision to building an implementation. Throughout the programme, you will apply the process to a particular area of interest in which you wish to apply strategic planning.

This training programme is suitable for all those with strategic planning responsibilities or for those responsible for implementing a strategy handed down from above.

Strategic Planning Learning Outcomes

Familiarize with strategic planning models
Understand how to apply strategic planning models in real life
Identify and understand strategic planning terminology
Stretching your goals through your strategic plan
Implement creative problem solving techniques
Motivate your staff to deliver your strategy
Create a strategic plan using an adequate template

Recommended for: Managers/Trainers/Planners/Administrators/Directors

Course Duration: Two days

Course Location: USA, UK, France, Tunisia, on-site